What is True? by Etan Boritzer Children’s Life Concept Series

What is True? by Etan Boritzer Children’s Life Concept Series


What is True? empowers young people to question the variety of perceptions about ‘truth’ and encourages them to pay close attention to what one is thinking about any subject. The author respects and validates the child reader’s own wisdom. He suggests that children think about and question life from different points of view, and urges them to come to serious conclusions. As a person who works in the media, I welcome this book because it supports children as important people in our society who should scrutinize and analyze everything.

– Kathleen Alfiero,

CEO, The Center for Positive Media,
Founder of Appreciation Unlimited, Portland, ME

Etan Boritzer has done it again! This book is a valuable tool for parents in navigating the sometimes murky waters of explaining to their children the nuances of both the telling and living of truths. It is a work of understated simplicity and yet it is profound in a manner certainly understandable to children.

– Robert A. Schwartz, Attorney 

2007 Trial Lawyer of the Year,
Los Angeles Criminal Courts Bar Association

What is True? will help children (and even adults!) develop analytical skills so that we learn not to believe everything we see or hear just because perhaps the majority of people perceive it in one way. The book even allows us to question how sometimes what is true may be different for different people!

– Joan M. Vitello, PhD

Exec Director of Nursing and Clinical Services,
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA