What is Respect? by Etan Boritzer Children’s Life Concept Series

What is Respect? by Etan Boritzer Children’s Life Concept Series



What is Respect? tackles a difficult and timely subject. Any parent or teacher will find this book to be a stimulating and excellent tool to open a discussion on exploring the many nuances of respect. The author presents a comprehensive and thoughtful examination of respecting oneself, others, animals and objects. As an Educational Psychologist and Social Worker who has worked for 30 years with children, ages 4 to 18, I highly recommend this book.

– Yael B. Neuman, Ph.D., LCSW

Educational Psychologist

Author Etan Boritzer brings a lot of valuable insights and questions on the subject of respect for children and families to consider in this book. His style of stimulating children to think about this most important topic from many different directions will support their self-respect and self-love, as well as their respect and empathy for others.

– Ruth Berlin, LCSW-C,

Family Psychotherapist

How do we teach our children respect and what exactly does that mean? Etan Boritzer does a masterful job of making this concept and its endless application to real life scenarios easy to understand. Read it along with your kids so you can talk to them about it as you go. I would definitely recommend this to parents in my psychology practice and parenting classes. Boritzer’s entire series “What is” books should be required reading!

– Dr. Judi Bloom, PsyD. MFT