What is Feeling?

  • What is Feeling? by Etan Boritzer, children’s books on emotional intelligence and how to express your feelings, for parents and teachers.
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What is Feeling?


What is a Feeling? is the 13th title in Etan Boritzer’s best selling children’s book series on character education and difficult topics. What is a Feeling? examines how we can understand feelings and where they come from, while at the same time learning the best ways to express our feelings without hurting ourselves or others. The importance of emotional awareness and intelligence is stressed so that children have guides for allowing safe and creative expression of their feelings.


Engaging, proactive and thought–provoking. What is a Feeling? offers valuable tools to children, parents, teachers and health professionals to gently and appropriately process the many types of feelings we experience. Suggesting sensitivity and respect as channels for emotional expression, this book presents effective and interactive means to assist any professional addressing the psychological challenges of emotional confusion, developmental issues or traumatic experience in our society for both healthy evolvement and recovery, in children and adults alike.

Laura Sharpe
Founder/CEO/Executive Director
Artists for Trauma (www.artistfortrama.org)
…where Recovery is an Art!

What a gem! This sweet and simple book is packed with deep wisdom and practical guidance. An important read for both little growing people and the bigger people who are caring for and guiding them as they learn and unfold.

Carrie Contey, PhD
Author, Calms: A Guide to Soothing Your Baby

A comprehensive approach to examine all the possible feelings a child could have. It allows parents, caretakers, or any important people in child’s life to help a child understand that feelings are part of what make us human and to understand how to identify and express them appropriately. I recommend this book as a tool to help children understand their feelings, what circumstances create feelings, and how best to express them.

Andrea “Dr. Andie” Weiner, EdD
Child and Family Therapist
Author of The Best Investment
More Than Saying I Love You


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