What is Family?

  • What is a Family? by Etan Boritzer, children’s books on family values, family problems and multicultural family for parents and teachers.
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What is Family?


What is a Family? is the 12th title in Etan Boritzer’s bestselling children’s book series on character education and difficult topics. What is a Family? tackles difficult questions regarding family diversity and the fast-changing face of contemporary families. Values of an ideal family and family diversity problems that may occur in real families are all open for discussion. Foster parents, adoption, same gender families, even animal families are in this discussion regarding family diversity. Author Boritzer uses his well-known questioning style to ask young readers serious questions that sharpen their critical thinking skills and lead to real understanding of complex issues.


A gift to children, parents, teachers, and social workers! With great sensitivity and celebration, Etan Boritzer describes the full spectrum that encompasses the word “family,” approaching the complexities of adult relationships in remarkably skilled language that a child’s mind and heart can respond to with confidence and trust. Readers will also appreciate his inclusiveness of the animal companions and the gifts of nature with whom we share our beautiful planet.

Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith
Founder, Apage Intl Spiritual Center
Author, Spiritual Life – Fullfilling Your Soul’s Potential!

Expands the whole concept of family beyond the four walls of one’s home and the borderless boundaries of state and country, into the cosmos and eco-system. Oneness is the glorious cornerstone concept of this delightful and colorful book, providing a rich conversational platform for children, families and teachers

Judy Julin, CEO, CosmikidsAuthor, Romancing the Future
Engage Enterprises, Inc
WOW Learning Centers

An inclusive, beautiful exploration of family! This book is an invaluable tool to help children and adults understand the importance of family and to validate their own experience, no matter what their family structure looks like!

Deborah Davis, Director of Programs
Friends of the Family, Van Nuys, CA

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