What is Dreaming?

  • What is Dreaming? by Etan Boritzer, children’s books on nightmares and scary dreams for parents and teachers.
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What is Dreaming?


What is Dreaming? is Etan Boritzer’s 9th title in the best selling What is? book series on Life Concepts on character education and social issues. Children’s dreams are a mysterious and sometimes frightening subject. Dreams can be informative in dealing with everyday problems. What is Dreaming? will help to open discussion on children’s dreams and to unravel some of the subconscious concerns which children confront in their dreams, both scary and fun dreams. Parents, educators and child life professionals will find What is Dreaming? to be a valuable resource in dealing with children’s dreams. Author Boritzer’s clear and straightforward explanations plus the delightful and playful color illustrations of Jeff Vernon will make this book an important part of any library.


An insightful book that will open dialogue for children and parents on a very difficult subject. Etan does a great job in using plain language and understandable concepts in successfully addressing a complicated area in child development.

Betsy Chasse,
Mom and Producer, What the Bleep Do We Know?

Provides comfort to young children who are scared of dreaming. It will help parents explain in simple language what dreams are and how dreams occur.
Fred Alan Wolf PhD (aka Dr. Quantum!)

Author, The Dreaming Universe, Taking the Quantum Leap

Inspires, delights and makes the vast notion of ‘dreaming’ easy for kids to understand. Parents are sure to find it useful.

Diane Lane, Mom and actress, Hollywood, CA

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