What is Beautiful?

  • cover for What is Beautiful? by Etan Boritzer, life concepts children’s books teach children how to have self esteem, self-worth, and know what real beauty is, inner beauty, for parents and teachers
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What is Beautiful?


What Is Beautiful? is the 4th title in Etan Boritzer’s best selling What is? series of Life Concepts books on character education and social issues. What is Beautiful? explores inner values as the underlying idea of what constitutes true beauty in a person. Parents and teachers will welcome the book’s message of genuine self-esteem as an inner value and as the antidote to peer pressures inside and outside school. Author Boritzer conveys a deep understanding of inner values to children as being different than the media and social hypes that they are exposed to daily. The book is a useful tool that encourages our children to consider inner values, what makes a person truly beautiful—qualities such as tolerance, generosity, bravery and peacefulness—and thereby helps to give the reader a sense of real identity and inner worth.


Provides alternatives to the unhealthy pursuit of physical perfection, and gives educators a way to help children discover the value of inner beauty.

California Educator

Allows the reader to explore and think about, and perhaps even challenge, society’s assumptions with regard to what is beautiful and why it is beautiful.

The Education Digest

Bolsters a healthy sense of self-esteem and helps children to hold on to their own values when they are challenged to conform to society’s extreme standards for what constitutes external attractiveness.
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