Benny and Beatrice by Neda Bayat

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Benny and Beatrice by Neda Bayat


Welcome to Sunny Town, where newcomer Benny, a sweet bunny, tries to befriend Beatrice, a territorial butterfly. Their potential for friendship is tested by Benny’s sensitivities, Beatrice’s conceit and her possessiveness of Beauty, a unique Rose in a beautiful garden. Along their bumpy journey together, Benny and Beatrice learn powerful lessons about friendship, loyalty and being true to oneself while embracing each other’s differences. Children, parents and educators will appreciate the importance of these poignant lessons.


“Benny & Bernice is a wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated story that reminds children of the benefits of befriending those that are different and of forgiving others. Through this lovely story, children begin to understand the importance of inclusivity and are reminded of the benefits of loving others as they are. I would recommend it highly.”

Jennifer Johnston-Jones, Ph.D.

This literary and artistic effort is beautifully illustrated parable about diversity that must be inclusive and complementary if we are to have peace and prosperity among our global humanity. The art and precious characters will greatly appeal to the young, where it all begins.

Ronald S. Gabriel, M.D

The poignant and powerful message in Neda Bayat s book teaches the importance of inclusion, diversity and cultural awareness, and is brilliantly penned as the storyline evolves. Children and parents alike will remember this book for a long time and will undoubtedly be influenced to practice more tolerance towards others who are different from themselves.

Fred Parvaneh, Kayhan Life