Inside a Children’s Book Author’s Mind

Inside a Children’s Book Author’s Mind

Inside a Childrens' Book Authors' Mind

Q: Out of all the books you have written do you have a favorite? If so, which one and why?

Ha, good question, and I have been asked that one numerous times as people want to get inside a childrens’ book authors’ mind. I reply, that’s like asking me to name my favorite child. Hmmm, still not sure of the answer to that one. All our books promote multiculturalism, diversity, inclusiveness, diversity, acceptance. But then, the more quirky titles like “What is Dreaming?” I love too and of course “What is Death?” is one that I am also proud of.

Q: Which topics have you found to be the hardest to write about? Why?

Interestingly enough, “What is Peace?” has given me the most problems as a writer and publisher. There are so many nuances to this subject that I had to write and rewrite and rewrite. I even had to make a cover illustration change on that book for the second printing because the two kids on the cover are standing off holding wooden swords and gazing pensively into each other’s eyes. On the second printing, I had the illustrator drop the swords so they are just lying on the ground. That made the scene less aggressive. Also, with the text of “What is Peace?” a Mom came up to me at a book fair when we had just released that title and said, “Hey Etan, we have all your books but I have a problem with this one.” Wow, when a Mom has a problem with your book, you better listen. I said, “Really? What’s the problem?” She said, “Page 8.” Wow, right? She said, “You say that ‘sometimes there is a bad king who has bad police and does bad things to people.’ Well we have taught our kids that there are no bad people but there are people who do bad things, and the police are our friends.” Whew! Well, needless to say, I changed those lines on our next printing. Now, that is really getting inside a childrens’ book authors’ mind, as well as a publisher’s mind.

Q: Where do you hope Veronica Lane Books will be ten years from now?Love this question! Inside a Childrens' Book Authors' Mind

Love this question! We continue to release two or three titles per year in the “What is?” series. The Next Big Thing is the TV show! Every 30 minute episode is one book with celebrity Mom host, real kids (not actors), readings and discussion from the book, animation, music and songs and dance and special effects! I already have 24 more titles picked out for the “What is?” series so the TV series can be easily go for three or four years. Ha, do you know any investors?

Q: Are there any upcoming projects and/or events to mention?

We plan to be at the Brooklyn Book Festival at the end of September. Summer is quiet for us because schools are mostly closed. Also, I do numerous book readings at schools, libraries and bookstores around the country. Check our website for that info.

Q: Does Veronica Lane Books accept submissions from other authors? If so, what are the qualifications?

Yes, we do accept submissions but mostly we publish in-house my own titles, though we are expanding into adult genres like mystery novels, cookbooks, and art books. Qualifications? Do your homework and know how to put out a professional query and sample.