What is Funny? Review

What is Funny? Review


What is Funny? is aimed at young children. Since I’m a comedy writer, that means me. It’s the perfect book to explain to kids why humor can heal and help, and why it should not be used to hurt and harm. In a world where laughter may be the one common link that binds us all, it is a valuable and fun teaching tool.

– Jon Macks, Author, How to Be Funny

Writer, Jay Leno Tonight Show

Guides us on a light–hearted exploration into the complex question of what is truly funny and provides a simple yet insightful journey into the everyday humorous experiences of children. Boritzer captures the

meaning of compassionate humor while also sensitizing us to the feelings of hurtful humor.

– Dr. Steven M. Sultanoff

Pres, American Association for Therapeutic Humor

A thoughtful book which will help children begin to frame an understanding of humor. What is Funny? is a way of tickling yourself that actually makes you laugh”

– Tad Friend ,Writer

What’s So Funny? The New Yorker Magazine