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What is Death? children’s book on death grief & loss

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A Children’s Book on Death

What is Death? is a children’s book on death, grief and loss for libraries worldwide. This is the 3rd title in Etan Boritzer’s best selling What is? series of Life Concepts books on character education and social issues. What is Death? a children’s book on death addresses children’s natural curiosity about this difficult subject. Introducing the concept of death with examples of customs and beliefs from different religions and cultures, the book also allows the reader to reflect on themes of tolerance, identity and generosity. Reality-based and using a gentle and comforting tone, What Is Death? a children’s book on death, takes an honest approach and encourages children to embrace the positive in life. In its 9th edition, this book has become a standard part of many grief and loss therapist’s professional resources.


ISBN:978-09637597-4-0 (Hardbound) ISBN:978-09637597-5-7 (Softbound)

What is Dreaming? Children’s dreams and Nightmares

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cover for what is family children's book-helps develop your child’s  sense of family


What is Dreaming? is Etan Boritzer’s  9th title in the best selling What is? book series on Life Concepts on character education and social issues. Children’s dreams are a mysterious and sometimes frightening subject. Dreams can be informative in dealing with everyday problems. What is Dreaming? will help to open discussion on children’s dreams and to unravel some of the subconscious concerns which children confront in their dreams, both scary and fun dreams. Parents, educators and child life professionals will find What is Dreaming? to be a valuable resource in dealing with children’s dreams. Author Boritzer’s clear and straightforward explanations plus the delightful and playful color illustrations of Jeff Vernon will make this book an important part of any library.

ISBN: 978-0-9762743-7-7 (Hardbound)ISBN: 978-0-9762743-6-0 (Softbound)

What is True? Critical thinking skills and media evaluation

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cover for what is a feeling explains to children how to best express your feelings


What is True? is the 11th title in Etan Boritzer’s best selling children’s book series on character education, difficult topics and developing critical thinking skills. In this book, Author Boritzer explores how we can try to discern between facts and appearances in our world. Children are asked to carefully consider their actions and thoughts based on various types of inquiry and evaluation thereby developing their critical thinking skills. What is True? provides both the child and adult reader numerous openings for discussion in order that children may cultivate the critical thinking skills required to travel through an increasingly complex world.


ISBN:978-09637597-0-2 (Hardbound) ISBN:978-09637597-1-9 (Softbound)

What is Right? teaches children about choices and decisions

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Teaches Children About Choices and Decisions

What is Right?  teaches children about choices and decisions. It is the 6th title in Etan Boritzer’s best selling series of children’s books on character education and values. What is Right? helps children develop critical thinking skills on the difficult subjects of ethics and integrity. Etan teaches children about choices and decisions by presenting children and adults with an opportunity to dialogue together in considering decisions and choices involving various situations which require wholesome social reasoning abilities. Exploring options for today’s world of ambivalent and sometimes confusing moral and social behaviors, What is Right? teaches children about choices and decisions in a comprehensive way.

ISBN:978-0976243-1-5 (Hardbound) ISBN:978-0976243-0-8) (Softbound)