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cover Author Etan Boritzer best selling children’s books What is? series teaches children critical thinking skills, emotional awareness, social emotional learning SEL for parents and teachers

I am just a person born with genetic writing skills. I was first published at age 13 when I wrote an essay on the JFK assassination that was published in a New York City Public Schools anthology tribute. I have always earned my living as a writer. One day, many years ago, my then-seven year old niece unexpectedly asked me a difficult question, as seven year olds often do. She asked me, "What is God?" I was really stuck! I thought, Hmmm, let me see if I can tackle this question in writing for a seven year old. That is what started the whole What is? series, and that is how I became a children's book author.

Actually, I write books for children, not children's books- important difference. Children are smart people, only they are smaller than adults. They also are not as experienced as adults which makes them cuter and more innocent than adults. Most children are compassinate until they learn not to be. In fact,some children are much smater than adults, if you consider compassion to be an intelligent choice.

So when I write for children, why should I not direct intelligent questions and thoughts to them,as they do to us adults? That way our children can start early on to develop the critical thinking skills needed to navigate through the challengs they confront around them. My books propose evolving a wholesome and beutiful global society on planet earth,starting with the children. Audrey Heburn said,"Children are the only hope!"

I try not to make these books Etan's opinion, so I do a lot of research before I start to write. I read through articles and books about the subject matter in each book researing various areas like psychology ,history,ethics,philosophy ,etc. I also ask different experts like parents, teachers or subject-related profeesionals to review the first few drafts of a book in order to make suggestions as to what I may have missed. I really try to produce high quality tolls for our kids to use that will benefit their lives,and the lives of all those who they will eventually encounter.

Venice, California 2014

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