What is Respect?

What is Respect? is Etan Boritzer’s 14th title in the best selling ‘What is?’ series on life concepts and difficult topics that help our children develop critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence. This book helps our children in learning respect, both self-respect as well as respect for friends, schoolmates and family. Learning respect for religious… Read more »

About a Dead Cat and Some Living Kittens

People are born and people die. Different people around the world have unique customs and traditions associated with birth and death. What is birth or death? What is male or female? Why are the births of boys and girls treated differently? How do different peoples bury their dead? You will find out the answers to… Read more »

Fade In: The Making of Star Trek: Insurrection

Michael Piller, who played a major role in saving the Star Trek franchise, has written not only a textbook on screenplay writing but also an inside look at the writing process that resulted in the franchise’s 1998 film Star Trek: Insurrection. For students of film and television as well as for Star Trek fans –… Read more »

What is Healthy?

What is Healthy? is the 15th title in Etan Boritzer’s bestselling What is? series on character education, positive social values and difficult subjects, now translated into 16 languages. What is Healthy? is a guide to tackling issues that parents, educators and child-life professionals will appreciate in helping to steer our children through the risks of modern unhealthy lifestyles. What is Healthy? suggests the means to holistic mind body health for children, and even expands the concept of health into social and global arenas.

What is Beautiful?

What is Beautiful? is the fourth title in Etan Boritzer’s best selling “What is?” life concept series on character education and values. What is Beautiful? provides parents, educators and child life professionals with ways to begin an interactive dialogue with children on what constitutes real beauty. Confronting issues of self-esteem and the social peer pressures… Read more »

Spirit Walk

Spirit Walk celebrates the life of medicine man Thomas One Wolf, who touched many lives with his ceremony and wisdom. For Thomas, spreading the message of hope, compassion, and love for Mother Earth was crucial. He hoped that humanity would become The Good United Tribe of the Two-legged, unified by our intrinsic relatedness, embracing of… Read more »

SAKE, Health and Longevity

Sake, Health and Longevity by Yukio Takizawa, MD is an outstanding introduction to sake, the nutritional and national beverage of Japan. Dr. Takizawa establishes the health benefits of sake in preventing the incidence of life-style related diseases inevitable in modern living. Included in the book is valuable information on the cultural history of sake of… Read more »

What is God?

What is God? is the first title in Etan Boritzer’s best selling What is? series of Life Concepts books on character education and social issues. This title is a guide for parents and teachers on how to explain God. As an introduction to the comparative study of major world’s religions, author Boritzer explores the different… Read more »

Japanese Home Cooking

Finally, a book of traditional and modern simple home cooking recipes created from easily obtainable ingredients that will help any cook who would love to effortlessly bring the historic culture of Japanese cuisine to the dining room table. With beautiful photography by Sadamu Saito and personal anecdotal insights by author Reiko Suenaga. This book will… Read more »

What is Money?

What is Money? is Etan Boritzer’s 8th title in the best selling What is? book series on Life Concepts on character education and social issues.  What is Money? opens up discussion for children on issues of financial literacy and responsibility, both practical and ethical. Encouraging children to learn about financial literacy and understand the true value of one of man’s most intriguing inventions, What is Money?… Read more »