The Seven Commandments by Shari Sharifi Brown

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The Seven Commandments by Shari Sharifi Brown


TThe Seven Commandments takes the reader on a journey through the history of religion to discover the key principles for achieving happiness and prosperity.

Our journey begins in prehistoric times when men worshipped multiple false idols, and sacrificed animals, humans and even children to please these gods. While the great Commandments of Moses were a revolutionary act of liberation, the Israelites did not always follow them and suffered the consequences.

The simplified Commandments of Jesus made them easier to follow, but wickedness in the name of Christianity by the clergy and average Christians supervened. The Arabs were still worshipping multiple gods when they came in contact with Jews and Christians. Muhammad learned of their sole God and brought these Commandments to his people but many Muslims went astray.The Seven Commandments illustrates the fortunes of those who decide to be inspired by grace to follow the Commandments and achieve inner and outer peace … or the misfortunes of those who flout the law and suffer the consequences.