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Inside a Childrens’ Book Authors’ Mind

Posted on November 20, 2018 | By Etan Boritzer

Inside a Childrens' Book Authors' Mind

Get Into The Mind of Childrens’ Book Author Etan Boritzer

Q: Out of all the books you have written do you have a favorite? If so, which one and why?

Ha, good question, and I have been asked that one numerous times as people want to get inside a childrens’ book authors’ mind. I reply, that’s like asking me to name my favorite child. Hmmm, still not sure of the answer to that one. All our books promote multiculturalism, diversity, inclusiveness, diversity, acceptance. But then, the more quirky titles like “What is Dreaming?” I love too and of course “What is Death?” is one that I am also proud of.

Q: Which topics have you found to be the hardest to write about? Why?

Interestingly enough, “What is Peace?” has given me the most problems as a writer and publisher. There are so many nuances to this subject that I had to write and rewrite and rewrite. I even had to make a cover illustration change on that book for the second printing because the two kids on the cover are standing off holding wooden swords and gazing pensively into each other’s eyes. On the second printing, I had the illustrator drop the swords so they are just lying on the ground. That made the scene less aggressive. Also, with the text of “What is Peace?” a Mom came up to me at a book fair when we had just released that title and said, “Hey Etan, we have all your books but I have a problem with this one.” Wow, when a Mom has a problem with your book, you better listen. I said, “Really? What’s […]

How I Was Inspired to Write My Children’s Books!

Posted on June 11, 2015 | By Etan Boritzer

 Interview with Etan Boritzer, Author/Publisher


Etan and Reader at Book Expo America, New York

Author and Happy Reader at Book Expo, NY. This is the real payoff!

Q: What inspired you to become an author?

At age 7, my 2nd grade teacher (Mrs. Cooperman at PS 70, Bronx) liked my poems and put them up on the bulletin board in our classroom. I was first published at age 13 when I wrote an essay on the assassination of JFK and it was published by The NYC Board of Education as a book tribute to JFK by NYC public school students. I think I have writer genes from my Mom who wrote short stories but gave up after too many submission rejections. Growing up in the 60’s, we had Dylan, Beatles, lots of great writing going on, inspiring us. I published my first book (er, stapled pamphlet) of poems in 1969 and sold them for a dollar per book on the street corners of Berkeley and San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. Writing is natural to me.

Q: Why do you choose to write about the “big questions?”

Returning from my first spiritual sojourn to India in 1971, I visited my sister in Tucson and her then 7 year old daughter, my niece (now 41), asked where I had been so long. I said, India. She said, “Where’s that?” I said, “Far away.” She said, “What were you doing there?” I said, “Studying about God.” She said, “What is God?” Wow, I thought, how can I answer that one for a 7 year old? Let me trying writing an answer. That is the title of my first book, now is in its 22nd reprint with […]